Mange medaljer til Haugerud i veteran NM

Haugerud kom hjem med flere medaljer fra Veteran NM i Tromsø helgen 6-8 mars. Her er våre glade medaljister på et brett, fra venstre Bengt, Berit, Rowena, Alf og Arne Kristian. Les rapporten fra Rowena nedenfor.

Hei Øystein 

I believe Berit is planning to write up our adventure and has a lot more photos. Attached photo of the metal winning Haugerud team! Sorry none of us are in Haugerud kit 😉 Berit gold singles and ladies with Rowena & Silver mixed with Germain, Bengt & Arne Silver in doubles. Alf can also confirm his medal, although it may be similar to my Bronze where without enough players medals aren’t handed out. 

Indeed a successful championships, despite a very poor timed Norwegian strike where Berit and I had to buy new tickets up, myself through Stockholm, and again to get home through Bodø, but certainly worthwhile. Tromsø were great hosts, and the “stemning” was very special given we’d all made the effort to get up to the arctic to what was I believe the largest initially registered VM. 

We departed in a snow storm back to the tropics of Spring like sunny Oslo! 

Hope we’ve made Haugerud proud !



Se mange flere bilder fra Berit på Haugerud Badminton facebookside. Her finner dere fullstendige resultater.