Join Haugerud IF Badminton

In order to join Haugerud IF badminton you have to submit a registration form.

Here you will find the registration form.

Training fee

The training fee is NOK 2.400 for all members for the badminton season, which lasts from August to June. For children and youth players the fee includes shuttles, authorized coaching and fees for tournaments (upto kr 1.000). If there are more members in one family (parents and children) the second family member pays NOK 1.200 and the third person NOK 400. Maximum total fee for a family is NOK 4.000. Payment is made to bank account for the badminton group is 9003.06.24679.

If you practice for fun and exercise outside the hours with organised training with coach, the fee is NOK 1.800. Next family member pays NOK 900. Maximum fee is NOK 3.300.

If you join during the season the fee is reduced proportionally.

Haugerud IF membership fee

All members with Haugerud IF badminton also have to pay an annual membership fee to Haugerud IF. The fee is NOK 300 for a calendar year. A separate invoice will be sent to the members.

Grasrotandelen – Grass Route Development Program

Contributions from Norsk Tipping are  important for the badminton club and provides considerable income every year. If you play one or more games at Norsk Tipping, please ask the commissioner to connect your playing card to Haugerud IF, organisasjons nr 974 242 613.  5% of what you play for will then help  the club. No deductions are taken from any prize winnings.

For more information about membership in the club please contact  Øystein Wiborg, phone 928 97 452, email or  Torstein Reistadbakk, 926 31 584, or come to the training.