Tournaments and registration

The tournament schedule is available at the Norwegian Badminton federation's homepage under the menue "Konkurranse". From here, you choose BadmintonPortalen.

Here is the direct link to Badmintonportalen.


The club regularly receives invitations to different tournaments. If the tournament is near to Oslo and for all classes, the invitation is distributed to all members. If the club thinks that the tournament is relevant only for a few players the invitation is sent only to those.


The club pays the tournament fee for children and youth players. Adults pay themselves, except in national championships. We encourage all players to pay the fee upfront to the treasurer or to the bank account 9003.06.24679.

The organizing club prefers to get a collective registration from each club. All clubs now use the on-line registration system provided by the badminton association. If you like to participate in a particular tournament you are requested to send an e-mail to the single point of contact in the club who is responsible for coordinating the registration. Please use the e-mail address The name of the responsible person for registrations you will find at the Committee.

When the draw for the tournament has been completed the fee has to be paid even if the player does not participate. If you have signed up for a tournament but know that you cannot play, you should inform the organizing club as soon as possible. If the information is given after the draw, it is up to the organizing club to decide whether or not they will refund the registration fee. If Haugerud as a club is invoiced, even if the player does not play, the fee still needs  to be paid by the player. This is applicable for all players regardless of age.

Find the draw and participants of a tournament

On Badmintonportalen select “Turnering” Search for the relevant tournament and select this one. Here you will find relevant information about the tournament, list of participants and results. Usually results are available from the last day of the tournament.